On The Schedule  10/26/17

One Accord will be singing at Ron's Barn on Thursday night, Oct. 26.

While the “Barn” is big, it is usually packed on Thursdays for the
Southern Gospel Quartet shows (especially when One Accord is singing!) 

Great food and and Seafood you’ll ever taste for $11!

Buffet opens at 5:30 pm (closes at 9:00 pm)
Show begins at 7:30 pm and goes ‘til 9:00 pm

Y'all Come!

Highway 55 East at 91 Pig Out Lane, Coats, NC 27521

You are encouraged to Call for Reservations - (910) 897-6750

​​Welcome, we're glad you joined us for a visit.  Take your time and enjoy this peek inside our quartet.  You'll learn that we love serving the Lord through fellowship and song in order to bring the word of Christ to as many souls that Gods grace will allow. We are passionate about sharing the gospel to all that can hear, and time grows short.  We look forward to seeing you at our next service.  See you soon!   

Weekly Scripture:  James 1:19 ESV

    Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.

Tiesday, 10/17/17

Back in the studio for round two.

While the boys are checking the latest box scores, Eric Terlizzi is slaving away at the control board putting it all together.  I am sure glad that he is here to make us sound so wonderful.  We finished Midnight Cry tonight and we start a new song next time.  Our next visit to the studio is on Dec. 2nd.   Can't wait.  I'll keep you all posted on all the updates!!




One Accord

We Have a New Member 9/24/17

We are extremely excited to introduce our newest member Larry Lytle to you.  He is taking the role as our new Bass, and has a voice that can only be explained as a "gift from God".  We feel extremely blessed to have him join us and we know that you will agree once you hear his amazing voice.